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The sites are listed in chronological order from oldest to newest.

  1. Emil Olson's Station. (No Link Yet.) 103 (East or West) 29th Avenue. About 1920. Need to determine in which house the station was located.
  2. Irish Home - KFZ. Located at 1514 West 9th Avenue. 23 March 1922 to 1923. License was deleted. The house at this location has been renovated and still stands. KFZ was the first licensed commercial broadcast station in Spokane.
  3. Spokane Chronicle Building - KOE. North Monroe Street and West Riverside. 12 April 1922. Deleted. No tower etc. Owned by Spokane Chronicle.
  4. Symons Block - KFDC and KFPY. 7 South Howard Street. 22 November 1922 to 1937. Building still stands. No tower etc.
  5. Doerr-Mitchell Electric Building - KFZ. 119 North Post Street. 18 May 1923. Building razed.
  6. North Central High School - KFIO. Nora Avenue and Howard Street. 22 May 1923 - August 1930. Building razed in 1990s and new school building was constructed.
  7. Peyton Building - KHQ. 10 North Post Street. 31 October 1925 to 7 August 1928. Building still stands. No tower etc.
  8. Lidgerwood - KGA. North Side, Lidgerwood. 325 East Rowan Avenue. 27 February 1927 to early 1942. Building used as core for Lidgerwood Elementary School until 2005 when it was razed and new school building was constructed.
  9. Radio Central Building - KHQ. Post Street and Sprague Avenue. 7 August 1928 to 1937. Building razed in 1971. The transmitter was located Radio Central Building and used two towers, one on top of the Radio Central Building and one on top of the Davenport Hotel. A "T" antenna spanned Post Street between these two towers. Also home to KGA and KREM offices and studios. Also called Eilers Building or Stock Exchange Building.
  10. Pedicord Hotel - KFIO. 213 West Riverside Avenue. 5 December 1930 - 1 October 1935. The building has been razed.
  11. Sherwood Building - KFIO. 1 October 1935 to April 1952. Studio in Fidelity-Ziegler Building during most of the time.
  12. Moran Prairie - KHQ. 4202 South Regal Street. 1937 to early 1993. First station to move to Moran Prairie. All studios and offices co-located here after 1960. At one time, the site boasted the "world's tallest radio tower." The last tower razed in 1993.
  13. Moran Prairie - KXLY. 5002 South Regal Street. 1937 to present. The taller one is the oldest tower still standing, and in use in Spokane. The shorter one was erected to accommodate KXLX's directional pattern. Original art deco building on site. Currently KTRW-630, KXLX-700, and KXLY-920 use this site.
  14. Moran Prairie - Old KGA and KREM. 4103 South Regal Street. 14 July 1942 to present. Other calls used at this site. Below Corporation's KREM-TV and KAYU-TV occupy the old KREM-AM-FM-TV building next to the two towers on this site. The taller tower is switchable between a short and tall height. The shorter tower seen today was used in different spot in KGA's original array.
  15. Realty Building - KREM, KSPO, KLYK, KKER, KRSS, and KSBN. 242 West Riverside Avenue. 7 March 1947 to present. Spokane's only remaining rooftop facility. Birthplace of KREM AM. The building currently called the Delaney building and tower is currently used by KSBN. This is the second tower erected on the rooftop. Much of the original overhead counterpoise system, built in 1947 still exists, with some modifications.
  16. Moran Prairie - KNEW and KJRB. 1601 East 57th Avenue. 1 September 1947 to after 1999. Original studio building refurbished by Citadel Broadcasting and currently used by Mapleton Broadcasting.
  17. Moran Prairie - New KGA. 6228 South Regal Street. 30 August 1948 to 1999. Site of Spokane's first 50,000 watt station. Building and towers razed.
  18. Chester - KZUN. Near Dishman-Mica and Sands Road. July 1955 to present. Tower height raised from 225 feet to 400 feet in 1963. A new 404-foot tower was erected in 1993. Site has been used by Spokane's 590 outlet since then. Current call is KQNT.
  19. Moran Prairie - KPEG/KEZE/KCKO 1380 and KSPO/KEYF 1050. 6019 South Crestline Street. 1957 to about 1980 (uncertain). Building and tower still stand on site. Tower not currently used by any AM station and building used by American Christian Network.
  20. Moran Prairie - KCFA and KMBI. 5408 South Freya Street. 1959 to present. The original building and tower still stand on site.
  21. Moran Prairie - KUDY. 5106 South Palouse Highway. 1960s to present. Original building and towers still stand. Currently used by Spokane's 1050 and 1280 outlets, KEYF and KPTQ.
  22. Moran Prairie - KDNC and KXXR. 4300 block of South Havana Street. 1962 to about 1983. Nothing remains of studio and towers.
  23. Mead - KLFF. 2221 East Lincoln Road. 25 July 1962 to 31 January 1966. Building and tower no longer stand.
  24. Glenrose Prairie - KCKO. East of Havana near 29th Avenue. Around 1980. Nothing remains of facility.
  25. Chester - KXXR and KSVY. Dishman-Mica Road and East Thorpe Road. About 1981 to about 1996. A trailer house, which housed the transmitter, is the only thing that remains.
  26. Spangle - KJRB and KGA. 1505 East Stutler Avenue. 7 October 1999 to present.


Other stations, before government licensing, may have existed. All listings except first one are licensed broadcast stations. Finally, at least one pirate station, which existed, and at least three Travelers information stations, which are known to exist, are not listed.

Compiled by Bill Harms - 1 October 2008


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