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KGA's Second Moran Prairie Site


KGA officially signed on from this site on 30 August 1948 after two years of construction with a 50 kW transmiter on 1510. The first (and only?) transmitter at this site had an interesting trip via Italy and Argentina before making it to Spokane. KGA signed off from this site in 1999 when Citadel Broadcasting moved the transmitter site to Spangle, Washington, a site it shares with KJRB 790.

Chief Engineer, Val Strange's Account

Val Strange, chief engineer at KGA related the some of the early history at this in an article titled "The Fifty Kilowatt Transmitter in Southeast Spokane on Moran Prairie, which appeared in Partlow's and Jorgenson's "The Early Days of Spokane Radio." Click here for the full account. Mr. Strange details the interesting story of how the transmitter took a circuitous route before being installed in Spokane.


The two-tower array at this site protected WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee. When KGA first signed on from this site, it was using an RCA BTA-50F. Based on historical accounts, this transmitter was still in service in 1980. The author does not have information about whether or not another transmitter was installed between 1980 and 1999.


KGA IN 1974

Photo taken by Nancy Johnson in 1974. Courtesy of


Compiled and edited by Bill Harms - updated 16 May 2007


  • Ryder, Chronic; Early Days of Spokane Radio, 1981.

KGA 1510 - 30 August 1948-1999

Moran Prairie.
South 6228 Regal Street.