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KPEG 1380 - 21 March 1957-
KEZE 1380 - 12 October 1970-
KCKO 1380 - 31 May 1979-
KSPO 1050 - 29 November 1984-
KEYF 1050 - about October 1985-
AMERICAN CHRISTIAN NETWORK - ??/??/???? - present

As of this writing, this facility is being used as the Network Center Building for the American Christian Network (ACN). The 205-foot tall tower behind the studio/office building is not being used to transmit a signal on AM, but it being used as a mount for an STL unit.

In 1957, KPEG's offices and studios were located at West 1527 Second Avenue.

According to available information, KPEG 1380 signed on in the late 1950's and for a while was an all-female station. According to at least two different sources, all of the announcers at one point were named Peg. KEZE on 1380 and KSPO and KEYF on 1050 also broadcast from this facility.

The FCC CDBS database reveals that facility number for this site is 24935, that the calls KCKO were assigned to this facility on 31 May 1979. KCKO broadcast from here for a short time before moving to the 29th Avenue and Havana Street Site.

Tom Read put KSPO 1050 on the air using this tower. The transmitter was a Harris. The FCC records show that a license to cover a construction permit was issued on 29 November 1984.

However, the Broadcasting Yearbook says KEYF 1050 signed on from this site on 3 October 1984, with 5 kW day and 335 W night, both non-directional. By 1998, KEYF 1050 had stopped broadcasting from here and had commenced broadcasting from the KUDY 1280 site on Palouse Highway.

My 2005 Visit to the station
I was given a royal tour of this facility by Tom Read of the American Christian Network. He is an experienced hand with Spokane radio dealings and he has provided a lot of unique and interesting information about Spokane Radio that appear in these pages. Thank you very much.

Other Visits
I have made several drive-by visits in the past. In the late 1970's I drove by the facility, to find that it was mostly vacated. The calls were still KEZE and the company that owned KJRB at the time had just purchased this facility. The station was running by automation. A young man showed me the facilities.

Views of the studio/office building
You can see the tower in the background.

Tom Read is on the right.

Pat Martin sent this picture which accompanied a verification he received from KPEG in 1968. Although the resolution is not very good, the call letters KEZE appear on the building. If the date is to be believed, then it would appear that KPEG changed calls to KEZE around that time.

Satellite views of the facility.

Compiled and edited by Bill Harms - updated 3 June 2007