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KZUN was a mom-and-pop operation on-the-air from the 1950's to the 1970's. The station was licensed to Opportunity and targeted the Spokane Valley (the community east of Spokane proper.)

KZUN-AM initially transmitted on 1270 kHz from this facility in December 1955. In July 1957, it changed to 630 kHz.

The building which housed the old KZUN offices and studios still stands at 23 South Pines Road in Opportunity. The mast upon which an STL unit and an FM antenna were mounted still stands behind the building.

The calls for the outlets at this site changed several times. KZUN (29 December 1955), KGGR (about 1981), KKPL (3 April 1985), and KHDL (11 January 1989). After 1993, Spokane's 590 outlets, KAQQ (28 Jan 1994) and KQNT (1 Jan 2002) transmitted from this site. (The dates are for "official" callsign changes and licenses to cover where applicable.)

225 Foot Tower on 1270 kHz

The FCC records state that the first transmitter installed in 1955 at this site was a Gates BC-1J. The antenna was 220-feet tall (overall height 225 feet) and was a uniform cross-section, triangular, series excited-vertical steel tower. The ground system consisted of 120 195-foot-long radials.

Frequency Changed to 630 kHz in 1957

In 1957, KZUN changed frequency to 630 kHz, using the same tower and transmitter that was used for 1270 kHz. However, they had to obtain easements from neighbors to extend the ground radials to 545 feet, except along Sands Road when the length was limited. They also had to reduce the power from 1000 watts to 500 watts, mainly due to concerns over overlapping contours with KWAL 620 in Wallace, Idaho and KGND 630 in Edmonds, Washington. The license to cover the construction permit for the move to 630 kHz was issued on 30 July 1957.

Tower Height Raised to 400 feet in 1963

In 1963, the height of the tower was raised to 400 foot. (See Pictues Below)

Frequency Changed to 590 kHz in 1993

The FCC records show that a new 404-foot tower was constructed on this site on 1 April 1993, that 590 (then KAQQ) applied for a construction permit for a minor change on 27 April 1993, and that the application was granted on 16 June 1993. Then KAQQ applied for a license to cover the operation from here on 5 November 1993, and the license was granted on 28 January 1994. Thus KAQQ, which had been operating on 590 kHz from KHQ's old site on South Regal was broadcasting from a new site and the frequency at this site changed from 630 to 590. (Thanks to Scott Fybush for elucidating this.)

Finally, KQNT started to transmit from this facility on 1 January 2002 on 590 kHz and is the current outlet here at the time of this writing.


The first time I remember seeing the tower at this site was in the 1960's when I was in Cub Scouts. We had a bicycle outing down Dishman-Mica Road. Of course, I have seen the site countless times since.

I recently visited the site twice (22 June 2005 and 4 May 2007) and took pictures both times. The site is easy to find as the tower is easily visible from Dishman-Mica Road.


(Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.)

Drawing and photos from original construction permit in 1955. (National Archives)

Photos of the construction of the original 220-foot tower taken in 1955. The height of the tower in the picture with the man on it was about 90 feet at that point. (Courtesy of Art MacKelvie)

Drawing and photos from the construction permit for frequency change to 630 kHz in 1957. (National Archives)

A picture of the whole 405 foot tall tower that was completed in 1963. The top part of the tower is no pictured. (Courtesy of Art MacKelvie)

Photos of the site taken in June 2005. This tower was apparently completed in 1993 and sits in the original pedastal. (

Photos of the site taken in early May 2007. (

Satellite Views of the site


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compiled and edited by Bill Harms - updated on 22 September 2007

KZUN 1270 - 29 Dec 1955-
KZUN 630 - 30 Jul 1957-
KGGR 630 - 9 Sep 1982-
KKPL 630 - 3 Apr 1985-
KHDL 630 - 11 Jan 1989-
KAQQ 590 - 28 Jan 1994-
KQNT 590 - 1 Jan 2002-
(The dates are for "official" callsign changes and license to cover where applicable.)
Near Dishman-Mica and Sands Road.