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Synopsis of the station's facility
The classic music station KCFA-AM 1330, used this facility, with its 319-foot tall tower, from 1959 until the early 1970's. KCFA changed its format to Christian radio by the late 1960's. KMBI officially signed on from this facility and its FM facility on 1 July 1974. Interestingly, the MBI part of the call letters stand for the owner-operator of the station, the Moody Bible Institute. KMBI-AM is currently Spokane's only remaining daytimer. (At one point Spokane had five daytime only stations - 630, 1280, 1330, 1380, and 1440.)

My 2005 Visit to the station
I have driven by KMBI many times in the past, but in June 2005 I stopped by and took a couple of pictures of the outside of the building and the antenna. It is easy to access from Freya Street.

Front of KMBI studio/office building.
View of the station's tower.

Satellite views of the station.

SOURCES (; KMBI's website)

Compiled and edited by Bill Harms - updated 24 May 2007

KCFA 1330 - 4 Feb 1960 -
KMBI 1330 - 1 July 1974 -
Moran Prairie.
South 5408 Freya Street